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Consumer Anyone can use VitalinQ The Personal Health Assistant VitalinQ meets all the conditions to add value to your personal wellbeing. VitalinQ is a unique Personal Health Assistant, and you as a potential user can be helped towards a healthy lifestyle. Through your own personal profile and social environment, you can formulate your own individual goals and needs. You are beng supported in an accessible way, using a clear roadmap, towards a healthy lifestyle. Business VitalinQ provides added value to your organization How does the trend of healthy lifestyle, healthy aging and preventing lifestyle diseases result in a healthy revenue model for your organization? The answer can be found here: the Personal Health Assistant VitalinQ Lifestyle Support provides a platform where the individual self is in charge of their own health. VitalinQ is not only a Personal Health Assistant for your business network, it is also an interesting business model to generate additional revenue for your organization.
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Everywhere accessible

With VitalinQ you now have 24-hour access to a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the web application VitalinQ an app is now available for mobile or tablet. The app and the web application make sure you can use your Personal Health Assistant on a very accessible way at any time of the day.

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Your own health

On a practical and scientifically validated basis, the Personal Health Assistant gives advice to give you control over your own health. Create your own personal profile and take together with your Personal Health Assistant, the first step to a healthy lifestyle tailored to your preferences and personal situation.

Contact details

VitalinQ Lifestyle Support B.V.

Friesestraatweg 215c

9743 AD Groningen

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What does VitalinQ do?

VitalinQ creates awareness about the effects and influences of diet and exercise on a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to VitalinQ it is easier to become aware and to respond. The Personal Health Assistant meets all the conditions to offer added value to organizations. VitalinQ is a unique portal where every user, through its own profile and social environment, formulates individual goals and needs. The user is supported in an accessible way, using a clear roadmap, towards a healthy lifestyle. By providing scientifically validated and personalized information about nutrition and exercise every user is more aware of his or her lifestyle.